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Just Because You Can Squeeze Into Them Doesn’t Mean They Fit

At any age, the most important thing to look for when buying shoes is fit. Children’s feet are very malleable with a lot of fatty padding. Therefore, they can adapt easily and will rarely complain about scrunched toes or areas under a lot of shoe pressure.


We all know the “foot bone is connected to the shin bone” so it no surprise that our feet can influence what the rest of our bodies do. Our angle of gait, joint range of motion, and muscle strength are important for proper foot function.


One of the most common complaints seen in a chiropody office is plantar warts. These are noncancerous growths caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Different strains for this virus will result in different types and patterns of warts. While they may die naturally within two years, they may need to be removed sooner if irritating, painful, or continue to multiply.